Nuclear Shielding & Remediation

Ever since the use of the first nuclear weapons to end World War Two, the world has been drastically changed.  With the immense power of atomic energy unleashed worldwide, we now use it not only to create weapons of mass destruction, but also for cost effective power for homes and businesses.
With the utilization of atomic energy arises the issue of toxic irradiated byproducts.  In some cases, this toxic waste threatens to create major destruction in the global environment.


The PROTECTORATE by ETAS, LLC is designed to meet the specific requirement of the unique elemental make up at each site. This is not an off the shelf solution; each site sample is analyzed to create the perfect elemental solution to neutralize and remediate site-specific dangerous radiation.

Partnerships for a Safer Planet

Exyst Life has teamed up with Environmental Technology Associates, LLC and the C. Williams Co. in order to bring a revolutionary new product to a World desperately searching for a solution to nuclear waste and irradiated sites/storage.  This amazing solution, aptly named "PROTECTORATE", can provide neutralization and remediation for various types of radiation, including both man-made and natural sources.

Featured Services

  • Cleanup & Remediation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Impact & Risk Assessment
  • Waste Processing & Disposal
  • Decontamination & Decommissioning

Marketing Optimization

  • Community Engagement
  • Share best practices and knowledge.
  • Resource Efficiency &Optimization
  • Initiate Educational Campaigns & Resourced Materials
Protecxtorate has wide-ranging capabilities which canplay a crucial part in the management of complex, multisite environmental remediation programs.