Heavy Metal Remediation

Much of the power provided to our world throughout the last century is a result of Internal combustion technology relate to fossil fuel products, including coal and petroleum products.  Technologies related to extraction of these and other elements through mining and drilling can create a toxic, hazardous environment.  
By products including Heavy metals in coal ash created in coal fired power plant operations, arsenic and other toxics associated with mining and refining, , and associated toxins produced in drilling for oil such as standing oil slicks and spills, etc, all present health risks to those who are exposed to or unknowingly consume these toxins.

Heavy Metals and Hydrocarbon Fix

Our world is full of toxic sites with Heavy metals and elemental components that threaten the health of our families and communities. Contact us today, and together let’s make our world a cleaner, safer place for all.

The Difference

Exyst Life now brings a world changing technology to market designed to help clean and remediate these dangers.  HEAVY METAL FIX (powered by Pureous), is a highly effective solution designed to bind and remediate those dangerous heavy metal elements in their existing locale.
This product is not a common off the shelf technology; in order to ensure the effectiveness of the solution, an elemental analysis of the site is necessary to create the strongest chemical reaction to the inherent heavy metals on the site. Once the unique mix is created, it can be directly introduced into the site in a liquid formulation.
This liquid formulation can also be introduced into surrounding water sources to treat the water table as well. For oil fields and oil spills, our HYDROCARBON FIX (Powered by Pureous) can also provide effective cleaning and remediating capabilities.
How this product can truly help restore the enviromental damage we have caused over the years is not only needed but amazing...