Blockchain/IoT/AI Solutions

Exyst Life is proud to offer Tapestry's new platform Tapestry IO for Enviromental Monorting Solutions. Tapestry IO uses Blockchain and hashgraph cryptography and torrent-like, file splitting technology for big file support to build a secure, decentralized as well as private websites. This eliminates DDoS attacks, single points of failure as well as censorship.
Tapestry IO allows users to publish static or dynamic web content into the BeatBlock which accesses a proprietary URI scheme that uses transaction ID via Warp Chain (multiple proxy servers) so that the browser understands that URI and can access the blockchain. One of the advantages to Tapestry IO is that websites will always remain online via distributed PeerBots even if no live peers are available at the time which gives you the peace of mind needed for guaranteed up-time.

Innovative Solutions

Our technological solutions in blockchain, IoT and AI will be able to provide scalable infrastructures with the backend technological development which will enhance efficiency while increasing security.

Tapestry IO Integrated AI and IoT

Tapestry IO is also built on OpenCog AI which leverages smart application intelligence agents in the process of building and controlling new blockchains making it an extremely secure, distributed system for the distributed management platform currently available.

In addition to Tapestry IO enhances security, privacy and reliability concerns in the Internet of Things
(IoT). It can be used in tracking billions of connected devices, enable the processing of transactions and coordination between devices; allows for significant savings to IoT industry manufacturers.
This decentralized approach would eliminate single points of failure, creating a more secure ecosystem for devices to run on. The cryptographic algorithms used by Blockchains would make data more private.

Our solution helps prevent against DoS attacks, Malicious regional node attacks, Identity forgery attacks, Malicious cloud service provider attacks and Malicious manufacturer attacks.

Featured capabilities

  • Adaptive/autonomous
  • Predictive
  • Prescriptive
  • Enhanced safety
  • Real-Time Audits

Marketing Optimization

  • Smart Diagnostics & Machine Maintenance
  • Tracking Identity & Reputation
  • Registry of Assets & Inventory
  • Decentralized & Trustless
  • Scalable & Adaptive
Tapestry IO is making blockchain possible in ways that we can only start to imagine.