Environmentally Friendly Products

We all have heard the media commercial that states something along the lines of ‘our products are sure to clean your dirtiest mess, and are environmentally friendly’.  Yet, upon use of these products, many fail to deliver the promised results; weak cleaning capabilities or hidden toxic ingredients are a common place occurrence. 
Excal Tech is excited to offer a new line of industrial strength, non-toxic household cleaning product which deliver where others fail. With products designed to clean and protect household surfaces such a stainless steel, stone, carpet, wood floors, tile, porcelain, or shower stalls (to name just a few), our products can deep clean your home and help protect it from future contaminants. And, you can feel secure that your family and pets have no negative health effects when exposed to our product line.

Safe for People, Pets and the Environment

Excal Tech’s Powered by Pureous product line is sure to provide an effective solution to your household needs, while ensuring associated non-toxicity to your family and pets when exposed. Contact us today, and see how we can help make your home or office a cleaner, safer, place.

The Difference with Pureous

Excal Tech’s Powered by Pureous line of cleaners can also be used to clean and protect exterior surfaces such as brick, concrete, etc.  Not only do our products assist in removing stains, they can also provide protection against future contaminants such as mold growth.
  • Human Safe
  • Non Toxic Mineral Based.
  • Free of Harmful odors, colors and preservatives
  • Biodegradable
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Sustainable product
  • Zero waste
  • Chemical free
  • Recycled materials
I've used all the major eco-friendly cleaners and Excal's Pureous is the best. It cleans faster, with little or no scrubbing. It also doesn't have noxious fumes.