Coatings & Industrial Panels

Exyst Life in partnership with ETAS, LLC. brings to our working partners the ability to create and tweak products that meet the needs of today’s fast paced manufacturing and security sectors.  By utilizing Exyst Life's insight into current market needs, our working partners are able to integrate their product knowledge in order to create an effective solution to pressing market needs.  This creative collaboration allows both Exyst Life and our development partners the ability to jointly create new technologies using our collective strengths.
Exyst Life through ETAS, LLC. has teamed with Enchem to provide high performance, cost effective technological solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of potential markets.  These include thermal and fire resistant coatings designed for use in the Marine, Auto body, Security, and firearms industry, to name just a few.  Our team is also currently creating new clear coast technologies for the Marine industry designed to make a major impact on Hull dressing.  In utilizing our coating technologies, composite manufacturers can also see an effective composite cure time acceleration, which allows increased manufacturing capabilities by increasing thermal transfer for more even, faster curing time.

Innovative Coating Solutions

Exyst Life's commitment to innovation is reflected in the work we do each day. For example, we’ve developed tailored coating for the marine industry which is not only salt resistant but can help save lives by preventing fires.

Industrial Panels

Exyst Life through ETAS, LLC.  has also teamed with Reno to provide a new safe building panel technology. This technology is designed to provide a modular system with high PSI, high thermal/fire resistance, and low weight. Our team also provides similar capabilities with a trowel/paintable stucco product for existing structures. Whether a Home safe room or a secure facility, our technology provides an effective solution to safety needs.

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Featured capabilities

  • High Heat Resistant Coatings
  • Innovative IR Shielding Materials
  • Fire Resistant Coatings
  • Next-Gen, Lightweight SCIF Room Panels
  • New Breed of Photo-voltaic Inks

Marketing Optimization

  • Share best practices and knowledge.
  • Collaborate with technology, information security, and business partners
  • Find and address coating and panel performance issues
The cost savings of the coatings alone make the ROI irresistable.