The word FIRE brings to mind different mental pictures to different people. Depending upon their experience with Fire, this can range from the peaceful crackling of a campfire to the raging torrential inferno engulfing a home.
With the increasing incidence of large scale forest fires worldwide, there has been a significant increase in the loss of homes and property.  Much of these losses can leave a family suffering and destitute, and in a worst case scenario resulting in the death of family members and pets.

Innovative Insurance Solution

Fire Fix is a non toxic, tfire retardant and resistant liquid that provides maximum fire protection to wall assemblies, floor/ceilings assemblies, roof ceiling assemblies and individual structural members.

FireFix for Home and Industrial Purposes

Excal Tech is excited to bring revolutionary new products to market which can help alleviate the fear and suffering associated with fire loss.  Excal Tech now offers a full array of fire deterrent products, including FIREFIX spray coatings powered by Pureous, proprietary Fire and heat resistant coatings in conjunction with Enchem, and Fire resistant safe building panels in conjunction with Reno.
  • Cost efficient
  • High performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Usable on multiple substrates/assemblies
Call us today, and see how our products can help ensure that you have the peace of mind in knowing your family and home are given an additional measure of protection against the devastating effects of destructive fires.
This product is high quality, non-toxic, water based additive which can be applied to paint or other  coating materials with a smooth architectural grade finish, that has excellent adhesion and durability.